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All these scripts were authored by me and work in my system. If you find any errors, or better methods, please let me know. My working templates are here in my ORA Collection Report. You are free to copy these templates for your own use, but please be aware that they are 'tuned' to my Family Historian layouts, and as such, I am not responsible or liable for any consequences from their use, or guarantee that they will work on your system.

5th June 2023: I have completely rewritten my ORA autotype templates for ALL the Ancestry Census records, and added a few new relevant Library elements as well. The Census templates are now all in the same screen operational format, with underlying variants for each of the years. All run creating Generic Sources based on the ora cp [Source.Title]. I save my census images under the name of the Head of House. You will need to change a few Text Templates, etc to match your system. Text Template #2 FHproject to your FH project name; the last numbered Text Template for the Image filename location, and similarly the Auto Type template 1. The number of back-slashes are critically important! You will also need to create a Rel. to Head attribute fact which now gets populated during the processes.
Operationally, for each census year,

24 April 2023:This update was general, and I did not keep a note of what I changed!

4th January 2023:I have recently tidied up all the autotype text scripts so that the starting focus point is common, ie in the Name field on the INDIviduals Property Box Main Tab. There are a few which still require other focus points, like my census templates, and hopefully I have listed them in the READ ME FIRST text template. There were a few autotext templates I made redundant, and will re-generate them when necessary. As a warning, have redesigned their display pages, and the ORA extracted field names changed as a result. I have had to correct all my Family Search templates!
WARNING! The templates will switch from adding the Fact entry on the Facts tab across(or Down) to the Cite Existing Source pane. They do pass the Source Title through to the Filter and will eliminate Sources that do not match the passed Source Title and will highlight the Source. Once highlighted the template script will run to completion.
I am in the process of updating and testing my templates - ORA version 1.67 and Family Historian v 7.0.19.
A Few Gotcha's to check....

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