My Generic Auto Type BMD Template

These are the supporting documents and files, etc. that I have written while creating my Generic AutoType template. The actual templates are in my Collection Report and Library Report on their respective pages. Remember that I am a source lumper, don't use any Essentials Templated sources(yet), and have modified screen layouts, so you will have to change some of the navigation tab counts to match your FH layouts.

I started this process in early August 2023,and wrote the Anatomy of an Autotype template document in the early stages of development, to give an idea of what I was trying to do. I have progressed a long way since those days, now have confidence that my original generic template concept actually works. In doing so, I have learnt new 'tricks', and have established a routine of updating and using the Auto Type template, which in turn has speeded up my data entry into Family Historian

While you are trying out the Generic Autotype system, I would recomment that you use a different browser from your day to day one, add the ora Extensions, etc to that second browser, and you will have a new 'empty' ORA Settings setup with just this autototype and set of libraries without affecting what you have already. If you get it to a suitable working set, you could then copy the templates and libraries into your main prefered browser.

If you want to download the actual Autotype that I have exported, download it and then copy or move it to your My Documents\ORA\Settings folder, and it will then be available to import into your collections. The libraries required will have to be copied and pasted from my Library Template report, into your Library Templates, until I can work out a method to automate that process.

  • My latest Exported Generic BMD Autotype template
  • Libraries used in Generic BMD
  • What you may need to modify for your FH
  • Generic BMD ORA collection versions
  • Adding a New Service
  • My Checklist when doing updates to the templates
  • Templates Test Output Explained
  • My original 'Anatomy of an Ora Autotype Template' document.
  • My current implementation of the ORA Parent Autotype Template.

  • If you are a member of the FH Zoom Group, you should be able to watch the videos where this process was discussed on Thursday 12th October 2023, and a live walk through and update on 26th October 2023 during an open session. There was also a session on 7th December 2023, where I briefly explained my understanding and implementation of the Parent Autotype concept introduced by John Cardinal in version 1.74.