Demonstration video using ORA templates

This demo is my first live capture of my search and addition of Edwin Monkton, born c.1840. He was the youngest child of a Paul Gardner Monkton(1799-1868) and Elizabeth Bennett(c.1806-?) All I had on Edwin to start with was just his name, and the assumption that he was born in Middlesex, London approximately 1840.

My normal work flow is to find the individuals birth on the UK General Registry Office(GRO) or FreeBMD. I then use Ancestry to trace the individuals life by means of the Census records, and their suggested links to Birth, Marriage and Death records.

In this demo, my first attempt at this, I have captured my pc screen as I worked through the GRO search, and then using the ORA Search Targets to find his 1841 Census and 1851 Census records. Apologies for the mail notifications and other background noises!

Once the video shows, I suggest you click the '4way' arrows on the bottom right or the control bar, and go Full Screen. This will give a better clarity to the texts, etc.

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